Monday, September 17, 2007

Today I Reflect and Rejoice

All twenty-four hours the news is brooding and somber. It is, after all 9 11, the twenty-four hours so many people senselessly lost their lives to terrorism. After sharing minutes of silence this morning... I was notified of a ground to smiling and rejoice today.

Yes, life is full of positives and negatives, yin and yang, nighttime and day, visible light and darkness... Today Iodine rejoice the birth of my son's son. He is born healthy and we are all elated at this even on this twenty-four hours of sombre memories. He is born today just as many others born on this twenty-four hours to observe the fact that life goes on and is wonderful.

Those who lost their lives on that fated 9 11, 6 old age ago, left children and households that now reflect but must also encompass and rejoice in life in order to travel on. I watched earlier today the boy of one of the victims. He have embraced life and is empowering others coping with sudden loss (not just 9/11 victim families) to turn and accomplish their dreams. His non-profit organization is called "hold the door".

I reflect on all those who header with sudden loss. I also retrieve my ain father who workings 1 twenty-four hours and passed that nighttime from an unannounced bosom attack. Not an enactment of terrorism yet a sudden personal onslaught affecting my family's world. Sudden loss quietly impacts many people so organisations like "hold the door" are a blessing.

Truly we should all "hold the door unfastened for person else". Helping others assists ourselves and I believe that is exactly what Ronald Fazio Junior have discovered through his non net income organisation created in the memory of his father who lost his life that tragical day. Truly Ronald Fazio Strontium was a great adult male that helped form this immature adult male who is now empowering others with positive resources and opportunities. I reflect on this father and son.

Today female parent and kid are happy and healthy. Today my boy throws his new born son. Their hereafter is unsure yet today is full of sunlight and hope. Iodine pray that Supreme Being blesses this new household with happiness.

Today I reflect and rejoice!

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