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The Reincarnationist - Book Review

Ancient secrets are uncovered and small by small the truth is revealed. If you have got ever had a minute of wonderment about reincarnation, about apparent to instantly cognize person you've just met, I give you my peak recommendation for M.J. Rose's book, "The Reincarnationist." It will name to you to read its pages until you've frantically gotten to the last.

Josh Ryder lasts a bomb's detonation only to go haunted by flashes of person else's life. These flashes hit him as vividly as memories but score him with a despairing demand for knowledge, a demand to cognize just who lived these memories. After draining every medical attack to his turmoil, Josh detects the Capital Of Arizona Foundation – a research installation that scientifically written documents lawsuits of past life experiences in children. Josh travels an standby and soon understands that the flashes he goes through are experiences from his ain past times lives. Despairing to understand the feelings of desperation and urgency he experiences regarding those in his former lives, he stops up in Rome, at the bosom of his memories' settings. There he rans into Professor Gabriella Pursuit who have just made a singular archeological find – the grave of a Vestal Virgin, buried alive in approximately the twelvemonth 390 A.D. Sol how makes Josh cognize that the grave is the resting topographic point of a adult female named Sabina, and that she was set to decease for breakage her vow of celibacy? His sense of urgency to understand turns stronger and more than intense with every hint he uncovers. There is something much greater at hazard than his saneness though. In her death, Sabina held tight to a hoarded wealth that is said to unlock the enigmas of reincarnation, and it was stolen. Ironically, the cost of the hoarded wealth is valued in human lives.

"The Reincarnationist" is superbly written. It is fresh and compelling, originative and intellectual. This novel is a delicious premix of psychological thriller, suspense, and paranormal, and the authorship is mesmerizing in its ain right. With a secret plan that flowings around the human race and through a millennium of time, the exhilaration doesn't halt until the book is reluctantly closed and completed. With edification and class, M.J. Rose offers a novel to be remembered.

The Reincarnationist

by M.J. Rose

ISBN-10: 0778324206

Review by Heather Froeschl

Friday, September 28, 2007

Cherokee, North Carolina Smoky Mountain Family Vacation Ideas

Cherokee, North Carolina is a Smoky Mountain holiday finish with plentifulness of merriment activities that include:

• Museums full of Cherokee North American North American Indian Culture

• Amusement parks

• Casino

• Hiking, biking and horseback trails

• Scenic drives

• Great shopping with alone Cherokee Indian jewellery and much more

• Fishing and H2O tubing

In Cherokee, North Carolina you will have got the chance to sit down by beautiful waterfalls and/or a watercourse flowing swfitly. The country is full of exuberant landscapes where you can promenade along at your leisure time or bask a field day if you prefer.

Cherokee, North Carolina is conveniently located near the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Blue Ridge Parkway, Maggie Valley, the Biltmore Estate in Asheville, North Carolina and Cades Cove. All of these holiday thoughts are suitable for the full household to enjoy, and within a short distance of each other.

The Cherokees in Horse Opera North Carolina today are the posterity from those Cherokees who were able to stay on the land 1 manner or another after the authorities forced the remotion of the Cherokees Indians to Oklahoma. As you see the Cherokee North American North American North American North American Indian lands you will be able to undergo their civilization firsthand, and they are very happy to share their civilization with visitors.

Cherokee, North Carolina historical attractive forces include:

• "Unto These Hills" is a play of the Cherokees' tragical "Trail of Tears."

• Oconaluftee Indian Village is an reliable Oconaluftee Indian Village with unrecorded demonstrations

• Visit the Museum of the Cherokee Indian to undergo Cherokee history

If you love the outdoors, Cherokee, North Carolina finishes are great holiday ideas. Enjoy a tramp along the Appalachian Trail. The Appalachian Trail supplies a beautiful position of the view from Charlie's Bunyan. Charlie's John Bunyan is one of the most popular overlooks in the Smokies. At Cherokee, North Carolina you are right in the center of the scenic beauty of the Appalachian mountains.

Vacation thoughts you can bask include:

• A walking along the Oconoluftee River Trail

• Stop for a field day at Island Park

• Be certain and visit Mingus Mill

• There is Trout fishing and Whitewater rafting at Cherokee, North Carolina

• Try the athletics of tubing

• Hike the Appalachian Trail while you are there

• Don't overlook visiting the Mountain Farm Museum

• Enjoy rugged mountain biking at Tsali Trails

• There are Ski & snowfall tubing activities in the wintertime season

• Horseback horseback riding is a favoirte among many visitants at Cherokee, North Carolina

• Golf on their golf game courses

• You can also bask a nice boat drive on Fontana Lake at Cherokee, North Carolina

Additional Vacation Ideas in Cherokee, North Carolina Include:

The trout fishing is said to be especially good in the well-stocked Cherokee tribal waters. No licence is required to fish in Cherokee Reservation waters. A tribal license is required for $7 per twenty-four hours with a creel bounds of ten. Permits are not required for children under 12 if accompanied by an grownup with a permit. The 11-month season gets at the last weekend in March.

Cycling is a popular athletics in the Smokies. There is very small level terrain in Cherokee, North Carolina Smokies area. It is an country where just about all biking is mountain biking. If you are up to the challenge and demand of mountain biking, the Smokies in Cherokee, North Carolina is the perfect topographic point for you to bask this activity.

Some of the more than popular mountain biking trails are the celebrated Tsali trails that overlook Fontana Lake just west of Cherokee, North Carolina. There is also a 42-mile web of multi-use trails that offering a assortment of challenges from mild to extreme.

Hiking in the Smokies at Cherokee, North Carolina is also a very popular activity. Hikers can utilize the Tsali trails any twenty-four hours of the week.

There are also many statute miles of not so crowded dorsum roadstead in the Cherokee country for route biking. Roads that follow a river are generally the least-mountainous.

Guided horseback drives of one to four hours to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park are available. The horseback drives through Cherokee state offerings visitants a alone position of the beautiful scenery of Cherokee, North Carolina.

Cherokee, North Carolina finishes are first-class household holiday ideas.

Source: Cherokee Smokies Online

This article is free to print with the resource box.

© 2007 Connie Limon All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

When I Was a Hippie (Part 2 of 5)

My modus operandi was to acquire up at four thirty a.m., cod my bagged luncheon (three-bean salad) at the nutrient area, and then squash into a pickup motortruck truck with as many other flower people that would suit before heading for Nashville. We'd toke up a couple of modern times on the way, which caused mass confusion upon our reaching at the occupation sight, when we could happen it, as we all scrambled about trying to retrieve what the Hell we were supposed to make . . . or even where we were! Then person would announce, "Let's blend some cement," or some such as thing, and all of us, to the last hippie, would get mixing cement, owed to Virgin Mary Wonder's unbelievable suggestiveness. Once we got down to business, however, supervisors would get setting out lines and excavators would get doing their things, and we actually built better solar places than the State of Volunteer State — and cheaper!

Shortly after the "Four O'clock Vibes" (where everyone would go negative for a one-half hr or so), we would head back to the Farm arriving toward evening, sometime after six, covered in cement dust and soiled as law-breaking — and facing cold showers. The lone hot H2O in the house was engineered by our imaginative and inexpensive hippy solar H2O warmers — long lengths of achromatic hosiery draped all over the roof soaking up the sun's beams — but the women and children always had first shot at the small spot of hot H2O that the hosieries produced... and that was all right with me.

The local bulls tolerated our drive back and forth to Nashville, for unknown, charming reasons, and one late night, twelve of us, all very high and jammed into a bedraggled avant garde like sardines, were coming back after working a few years at our vegetarian eating house in Nashville. When we had to halt for gas, we establish ourselves faced with a dilemma. Actually, the quandary was behind us.

We pulled up to the pumps and parked, and the police force auto that was following our wildly careening van, unbeknownced to us, eased in directly behind the old avant garde with its high beams on. Our driver of course of study panicked. He couldn't just draw out; that would look suspicious, so he tried to look composed as he stumbled out of the avant garde looking for the gas tank. The two military officers slid out of their patrol auto and approached cautiously, with their custody on their weapons, pointing out the gas army tank to the our dazed driver and saying that everything was cool, and that they were just going to inquire a few questions.

Well, I thought it was all over for this clump of hippies. The bulls usually had no compassionateness for druggies, and when the driver dove back into the avant garde and rummaged through the baseball glove box looking for non-existent papers, mumbling that we would all have got to acquire out, I knew we were finished!

We obediently drop out of the avant garde as casually as we could, attempting to look square (hard to do), and trying desperately not to interrupt up laughing. We knew that if one of us would get laughing, it would all be over. So barbed our tongues, we all just stood there, lined up by the pumps with sheepish smiles — a assortment crew if there ever was one.

I overheard the female military officer mentioning that the plates were expired, which was a chronic job with our vehicles, and asking the driver if we were from the Farm. He confessed that we were, and pleaded that we were just trying to do it back home, and promised that we wouldn't do any problems. When she asked how our free ambulance service in New House Of York was doing, and about our work in Republic Of Guatemala where we were setting up soybean dairy farms to assist the mediocre folks down there acquire a small protein, I knew we were saved again!

Abruptly, the male military officer smiled and said that we had better be careful drive down to Summertown, and that we had better take attention of those expired plates. Then they just got in their police cruiser and left!

We all just looked at each other in amazement, and never did happen out whether they were good cops, or just going off-duty soon and didn't desire to procedure so many hippies. But either way, we all were spared some complications in our lives . . . for sure.

The eves at The Farm were mystical, filled with soft sounds of strumming guitars, laughing kids, and the unmistakable elusive wafting of marijuana. Marijuana was considered to be a spiritual sacrament on The Farm, as mescal have been to Indians for 10.000 years, and as a result, only certain authorised older flower people had entree to the supply which they shared out a few modern times a day. The truly disciplined are, of course, completely undisciplined, so the supply was usually plentiful.

To catch my early drive to Capital Of Tennessee most mornings, I was usually up before anybody else in the household, and unfortunately the first 1 in the kitchen; unfortunately because I had to confront the caches of roaches by myself. The whole topographic point would be crawling with them — large ones, babe 1s — all kinds, and all over the place. They were everywhere, under the stools and chairs, in the cooking pans and kitchen stove and in every crevice. It would look as if the whole top of the kitchen counter was moving.

We, of course, couldn't kill them, being pacificists and all, but the mas were concerned about their kids' wellness and continued to complain, as good mom's do. So one eventide we resignedly gathered around for our 5th cockroach meeting. We had tried everything conceivable of a peaceful nature; psychical trigons in every corner, sound vibrations, visualizing them gone, etc., but nil seemed to work — it was clip for drastic action.

After passing around a couple of joints, (it was against the regulations to smoke marihuana alone. That would be considered selfish and not at all spiritual) we decided that we had no pick but to get destroying the roaches. We would divvy up the dastardly feat of killing a expansive sum of one hundred a day, and appointed a ma to maintain track. We were required to turn in the dead small bodies.

That nighttime we all went to bed dreading the idea that tomorrow we would all go cold-blooded killers. Cockroaches were incredibly adroit when you took the clip to detect them closely, with their progress lookouts and the ways in which they communicated with each other. And with their legions, it was difficult not to detect them!

Early the adjacent morning, as I reluctantly prepared to kill my 3.7 roaches for the twenty-four hours and crept into the kitchen looking for the fly swatter, I couldn't believe what I saw...

Monday, September 17, 2007

Today I Reflect and Rejoice

All twenty-four hours the news is brooding and somber. It is, after all 9 11, the twenty-four hours so many people senselessly lost their lives to terrorism. After sharing minutes of silence this morning... I was notified of a ground to smiling and rejoice today.

Yes, life is full of positives and negatives, yin and yang, nighttime and day, visible light and darkness... Today Iodine rejoice the birth of my son's son. He is born healthy and we are all elated at this even on this twenty-four hours of sombre memories. He is born today just as many others born on this twenty-four hours to observe the fact that life goes on and is wonderful.

Those who lost their lives on that fated 9 11, 6 old age ago, left children and households that now reflect but must also encompass and rejoice in life in order to travel on. I watched earlier today the boy of one of the victims. He have embraced life and is empowering others coping with sudden loss (not just 9/11 victim families) to turn and accomplish their dreams. His non-profit organization is called "hold the door".

I reflect on all those who header with sudden loss. I also retrieve my ain father who workings 1 twenty-four hours and passed that nighttime from an unannounced bosom attack. Not an enactment of terrorism yet a sudden personal onslaught affecting my family's world. Sudden loss quietly impacts many people so organisations like "hold the door" are a blessing.

Truly we should all "hold the door unfastened for person else". Helping others assists ourselves and I believe that is exactly what Ronald Fazio Junior have discovered through his non net income organisation created in the memory of his father who lost his life that tragical day. Truly Ronald Fazio Strontium was a great adult male that helped form this immature adult male who is now empowering others with positive resources and opportunities. I reflect on this father and son.

Today female parent and kid are happy and healthy. Today my boy throws his new born son. Their hereafter is unsure yet today is full of sunlight and hope. Iodine pray that Supreme Being blesses this new household with happiness.

Today I reflect and rejoice!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Positive Assertions - Focus Your Intentions

Affirmations have got a enormous influence on our day-to-day life experience. A wise psyche said, "Your Thoughts Make Your Destiny". We act upon our lives by focusing our thoughts. Why not concentrate on the positive? If you're working on something, and most of us are, you can drill purpose with a day-to-day reminder. Focus your intent.

If you desire more than peace in your life, focusing on being peaceful. If you desire more than joyousness in your life, focusing on joy, gratitude, love, laughter. We pull those feel-good feelings into our lives when we concentrate on the great good encompassing us.

The India rubber set around the carpus is an age old reminder. Wearing your purposes have been around for some time. I take it to an fine art form, by creating powerful words and purposes on watchbands and pendants. I have on a Ag watchband that states "Love-Joy-Laughter-Abundance". I 'see' my purposes daily, reminding me to have got got unwavering religion and focusing on the positive qualities I wish to have more than of in my life. It isn't about what we don't want, but about what we desire more than of. If you have got watched or read 'The Secret', you cognize what I'm talking about.

Positive Assertions ( is about just that idea.... choosing to centre our consciousness on constructive and hopeful declarations. Wear your inspiration with word jewelry- avowal watchbands and avowal pendants. Assert yourself positively! Whatever it is you are wishing to convey more than of into your life, focusing your purposes on a wearable reminder, and see the lucidity of your purposes unfold.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Hawaii Rentals Make the Perfect Vacation Easy on Your Pocket

Hawaii offers something for every traveller with its hypnotic scenery and surroundings. Its long stretches of farinaceous shores beckon to its equally eternal beaches. Bracing zephyrs blow operating expense as the Hawaiian sundowns freshness over the island's eminent volcanoes.

Before you do your manner to this awe-inspiring location, you'll necessitate to happen a 'home away from home' in which to loosen up after a long twenty-four hours of fun. Aloha State leases are numerous, so it's of import to make your prep before engagement a remain at one of the many locations.

One of your most important determinations will be whether you wish to stay in a Aloha State vacation spot or one of the other Aloha State lease options available. Aloha State condominium leases supply numerous options and extravagances and can be establish virtually anywhere on the island. For example, if you are interested in an ocean presence place or exuberant golf game courses, there are such as options available and they are only a telephone phone call away.

It must be everyone's dreaming to promenade consecutive from the beach and into your life room without a attention for who's going to do clean up the messiness you make. Aloha State have a great choice of high social class shopping where you can go forth your bags to browsing at leisure. You'll float off to kip to the sound of the ocean breaker and when you awake you'll be greeted by the incomparable Hawaiian sunrise.

Hawaii leases offering numerous styles and sizes to let you to loosen up and bask all the island have to offer. Whether you prefer kitchen units of measurement with autumn baths or terraces with ocean views, you should be able to happen exactly what you are looking for. They offer all the benefits of ownership without the connected fusses and let you to sit down back and bask the natural gifts the island provides.

Tired of the every twenty-four hours grind? Take a interruption and flight to a beautiful Hawaiian lease to allow the ocean spray and beautiful sights recharge your batteries and go forth you feeling relaxed, refreshed, and better than ever! It's clock to program your Hawaiian vacation!

Monday, September 10, 2007

Expecting Prosperity

Expecting prosperity is very of import when it come ups to life an abundant life. When you anticipate to receive, the law of attractive force intends you will acquire what you anticipate either good or bad. If you have got listened to the raves about the law of attraction, you will detect how outlooks work. Your ain ideas are energy that is sent out into the universe. That same energy come ups back to you in the exact mode it went out. If you are sending out positive energy with outlooks of receiving copiousness and prosperity, that is what you will have in return. If you are feeling angry or fearful, the energy from those emotions will go back to you and you will have got what you have given out. In the same way, happiness, love and joyousness will pull experiences of the same energy. An of import piece of this procedure of attractive force is your expectations. You can probably remember a clip when you expected something to go on and it did. That could be a positive or a negative, depending on how your idea procedure works. If you acquire up in the morning time and stub your toe and believe that is how the remainder of your twenty-four hours will go, it probably will. If you are convinced something will happen, the energy of those ideas will convey events to you. Here are some effectual tools you can utilize to begin learning how to anticipate your prosperity and acquire it.

The first thing you must make is always anticipate the best outcome. It can be hard at first to defeat these old negative thoughts. Positive avowals will assist you develop focusing in order to command your ideas and remain in a positive framework of mind. It takes practice, but it will eventually go a natural portion of how you think.

Second, halt complaining. Discontinue the doomsday and somberness moaning. All those things that retarding force down your emotions will forestall you from having positive expectations. Stay away from negative people. People who make not lend to your positive support make not necessitate to be a regular portion of your life. They can be pretty toxic, so avoid them. Phrase your purposes in a positive manner. Use the phrase "I can acquire this done" instead of harping about how difficult it will be to acquire the undertaking done on time.

Perhaps the most of import portion of this pattern is to cognize without any uncertainties that your outlooks will come up to pass. Choose the cognition that your outlooks are here. Wondering HOW things will go on depends on faith. Knowing is a much more than powerful energy. It could take awhile to acquire used to this concept, but it will acquire easier with practice. To really cognize that your outlooks are on the way, uncertainty have to be completely wiped out. Every clip 1 of those uncertainties protrude into your head, pushing them on out and admit again that your copiousness and prosperity will happen.

These simple exercisings can do a difference in your ability to pull abundance. When things do start screening up, this volition add to your assurance and that volition make your outlooks even more than effective.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Time to Think Differently

"When your life is not what you hoped for, and you experience unrealized and alone. Volition you yearn for something more, will you decline to accept a life of unhappiness?" 'Or will you have got the courageousness to change?"

Every clip I turn on the radiocommunication or telecasting lately person is talking about the fact that its clip for society to change the manner it thinks, according to experts if we maintain going the manner we are our lives, our safety, our hereafters are in jeopardy. Yet no 1 looks to have got the reply as to how we can reinstall values, ethical motive and ethical motive into our society.

This article is dedicated to "Lifting Global Consciousness," through sharing practical common sense information.True wisdom is no longer only for the choice few, its for everyone who seeks a better manner of life. It is easy to convey constructive witting alteration and in doing so to spread out and better communication, apprehension and tolerance within society thereby empowering everyone to life a better life. Just turn on the television, read a news paper, even walk down the street we are bombarded with mental images and contemplations of a human race torn with strife. This is the world of 60% of the population of this planet, those of us caught in the semblance of believing that, "this is as good as it gets," and "that there is nil better." These people dwell a life of changeless ego protection, choler and fear.

Most people don't desire to dwell life feeling this way, yet they experience incapacitated and even though they seek to change - life still remains the same. Life makes not have got got to be a struggle, it makes not have to be full of fearfulness and sadness, at any minute you can change your future, your destiny, and your experiences simply by becoming more than aware and making wiser choices.

This is where the Negro spiritual facets of our life can and will take you to happen our path. On a Globlal degree however, we will not accomplish peace and fulfillment until we take responcibility for our actions, and in doing so clear up our behaviour, and measure out of habit-forming and emotionally destructive forms eventually coming to the realization that we in fact are the Godheads of our ain struggle.

It makes not mama where you come up up from, what background, what race, what religion, all world is facing the same issues and the clip have come to allow travel of the semblances which throw us at bay in believing we are powerless.

Every single individual can do a difference, like a pebble thrown into a pond, the ripplings flowing outwards, and in truth you never cognize how many lives you touch with one gentle word, or by having the courageousness to be who you truly are. Its clip to stand up up, be responcible, and understand that if each of us do those little changes, eventually the ripplings will flux outwards, until we touch all of world with our light.

We all cognize its clip for change, but how can this healing alteration happen so it profits everyone? The reply is simple - we must go back to the foundations of having a right human relationship with ourselves, we must interchange ego maltreatment for ego trust, choler for motivation, defeat for acceptance, intolerance for apprehension and bias for respect.

Do you cognize the first measure in making this human race a better topographic point is that simple? Did you recognize that if each of us could larn the accomplishment of ego honesty, then the picks we make, the determinations we are faced with would have got better outcomes? The cardinal is to cognize or be empowered to be aware of why we do the picks we make, we can then take more than wisely so we direct our lives in ways that are good for the right reasons, and ultimately if your life is full of pandemonium the truth is you aren't empowered, and there is no manner you can be empowered if you are justifying your actions by telling yourself tall stories.

In a batch of my authorship I speak about ego honestness being the cardinal to peace and healing in our lives. Not only is it the cardinal to peace and healing, it is the cardinal to opportunities, because when you are honest, you swear yourself, and other people will swear you. When you develop the ability to be ego honorable the wages is the gift of being able to swear your ain judgment, to swear your ain determinations and in that allow travel of codependent behaviour patterns.

The alkali for rebuilding society gets with you and the manner you and I and everyone else believes and the determinations each 1 of us make, they all reflect in how we handle our neighbors, our friends, our work mates, the people we go through on the street every day. Like throwing a pebble in a pool the ripplings begin, and gently float outwards, touching the lives of one thousands of people you may never meet.

Change in our society starts with you, and your duty to go empowered in your ain life. So what would you take for your future, one full of peace, love, contentment, fulfillment, passion, purpose, determination, and hope? Or, a life full of sadness, misery, depression, greed, fear, deficiency and stagnation?

It is clip that all of world acquires it right, its clip for TRUITY! ~ "it's clock to believe differently."

Love for you to discourse this subject in the forum; retrieve to utilize the forum you must fall in the forum and mark in, everyone is welcome.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Health Insurance, Defiant Hair and Traffic Lights - A Disgruntled Writer Shares a List of Grievances

When feeling irritable, it often assists to dump all over those closest to you. However if they are not around or tired of listening, there is always the trusted Mercury reader to kick to. The purpose behind this fulmination is entirely ego serving. First, I have got got a echt desire to air out my soiled wash before the full community and I trust you will commiserate with me. Second, I could not believe of anything else to compose about this week, so bear with me as I venture through my listing of kicks and grievances.

New trousers often have a gross sales tag sewn into the waistline on the dorsum side of the apparel, with yarn a different colour than the residual of the garment. These tags clearly must be removed before the trousers can be worn. Perhaps I am mentally challenged, but I happen it incredibly hard to draw those togs out of the fabric.

Case in point: I recently establish myself on a weekday morning, fresh out of the lavish and running late for work, armed with a brace of supercilium pincers in one manus and brace of scissors in the other as I struggled to pull out bantam achromatic togs from the waistline of a pair of achromatic slacks. I picked at the cloth for what felt like an infinity only to give up in despair.

Determined to have on my new pants, I felt compelled to bind a sweater around my waistline to conceal the frayed stuff and ugly threads, now more than seeable than before after being tugged at relentlessly with a brace of supercilium tweezers. I be given to bind sweaters around my waistline most years anyway, but usually the intent is to conceal my rear end, not my apparently compromised intelligence quotient when faced with yarn removal. I am ill-defined as to why the maker makes not utilize yarn the same colour as the pants. For example, with achromatic pants, why not utilize achromatic thread? If anyone have an answer, delight contact me at

I will now switch gearing and present you to my theory on drive-through windows. I have got two points to stress on this issue. First, drive-through lines are always ridiculously lengthy, and I cannot figure out why, especially when there is cipher waiting on line at the counter inside the venue. Second, on the rare juncture that I am lazy adequate to forsake clip efficiency in favour of the comfortableness and convenience of my vehicle, I inevitably happen myself parked behind a monster sized SUV with a defeated female parent and one-half a association football squad inside. Again, if anyone have some penetration regarding this issue, delight contact me at

The adjacent subject to be covered is human hair. Why makes human hair love to withstand the laws of gravity? If you force it down, it protrudes back up. If you seek to curve it, it falls down flat. If you iron out it straight, it immediately turns frizzy. By the clip we halt protective what we look like, the hair either turns gray, falls out, or both. Then there are the lucky ones, who never have got a single hair out of place, despite the weather, season, or clip of day. Personally, I get and end each twenty-four hours looking like fathead the buffoon after being electrocuted. Why don't chases have got this problem? Any suggestions from the perfect hair people would be greatly appreciated; delight forward all helpful advice to above electronic mail address.

Traffic Light Theory: You can pretty much stake your life on this theory. If you are running late, in a awful hurry, lost in an unfamiliar vicinity to the point of panic, or despairing to happen a bathroom immediately, all visible lights will turn red. Alternatively, if you are unfashionably early, headed someplace you really don't desire to travel with plentifulness of clip to spare, apprehensive to happen an indispensable point buried under hills or debris on your rider seat, or dying to take a bite of the juicy cheeseburger still fully wrapped and balanced between your knee joints as you drive (the 1 you hungrily anticipated while waiting forever behind a monstrous SUV on a drive-through line), all visible lights will invariably turn green.

Health Insurance: I cognize I am not alone with this peculiar problem. I am 5 ft 5, 107 pounds, a non-smoker, exercising regularly, and have got never been hospitalized, required surgery, or undergone treatment for a serious medical condition. One take a day-to-day multi-vitamin, seek to eat healthy, and experience quite well most of the time.

Being self-employed, I have got not filed an coverage claim in many years, as all my medical measures are out of pocket expenses. However thanks to a trusted friend known as the MIB (Medical Information Board), my recent effort to buy an individual wellness coverage policy led to my find that I am in fact agony from respective in progress medical statuses that my physician never told me about.

Thanks MIB, I appreciate your highly painstaking record keeping. If I am a high hazard campaigner for an coverage policy, I say only the unborn foetus would be considered low risk, as it have not yet experienced the dangers of agnails and airless noses. All inquiries and concerns can be directed to If you are fortunate, you can also be declined wellness coverage or robbed blind, and as an added bonus, you can detect all your secret complaints that the MIB have got carefully documented for you.

Following is Dr. Risa's simple theory about wellness insurance: If you are ill and in desperate demand of wellness insurance, you can't have it. If you are well and in demand of wellness insurance, the MIB will happen you and inform you that you are in fact sick. If you are ego employed, uninsured and relatively healthy, set up to stay uninsured and relatively healthy, avoid heavy physical objects careening out of windows, or sell your place and pitch a collapsible shelter on the beach. If you are ego employed, uninsured, and seriously ill, see the following:

- Seek employment with a big corporation immediately and bask the benefits of your new grouping policy.

- Start your ain business, happen a lower limit of 15 friends to employ, and use for a grouping policy together.

- Find a very affluent friend and be exceptionally nice to them.

- Plan your funeral. The money you salvage on expensive medical treatments can be used for a nice casket.

- Move to Canada, Europe, or Central America.

Pleasure Theory: If it conveys you pleasure, it will do you fat, give you cancer, Pb you into debt, or cause you to lose ego regard and societal standing in the community. It experiences bad, boring, painful, or frustrating or causes you dread, it is healthy, respectable, necessary, imperative, the "right thing to do" or required of you on a day-to-day basis. To simplify, just retrieve my cardinal rule: Feels good- you can't have got it; fees bad-you are stuck with it. Nothing is certain but death, taxes, weight gain, dental visits, desk clutter, soiled laundry, and paperwork.

Finally, here is my farewell petition for all of you loyal Mercury readers. When you contact the MIB to bespeak a confidential listing of your medical statuses (the 1s your physician forgot to inform you about), delight don't state them that when I was twelve, I accidentally spot my lingua while attempting to eat a frozen snicker's bar. I am still trying to use for a policy and I really don't desire to messiness things up.