Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Reincarnationist - Book Review

Ancient secrets are uncovered and small by small the truth is revealed. If you have got ever had a minute of wonderment about reincarnation, about apparent to instantly cognize person you've just met, I give you my peak recommendation for M.J. Rose's book, "The Reincarnationist." It will name to you to read its pages until you've frantically gotten to the last.

Josh Ryder lasts a bomb's detonation only to go haunted by flashes of person else's life. These flashes hit him as vividly as memories but score him with a despairing demand for knowledge, a demand to cognize just who lived these memories. After draining every medical attack to his turmoil, Josh detects the Capital Of Arizona Foundation – a research installation that scientifically written documents lawsuits of past life experiences in children. Josh travels an standby and soon understands that the flashes he goes through are experiences from his ain past times lives. Despairing to understand the feelings of desperation and urgency he experiences regarding those in his former lives, he stops up in Rome, at the bosom of his memories' settings. There he rans into Professor Gabriella Pursuit who have just made a singular archeological find – the grave of a Vestal Virgin, buried alive in approximately the twelvemonth 390 A.D. Sol how makes Josh cognize that the grave is the resting topographic point of a adult female named Sabina, and that she was set to decease for breakage her vow of celibacy? His sense of urgency to understand turns stronger and more than intense with every hint he uncovers. There is something much greater at hazard than his saneness though. In her death, Sabina held tight to a hoarded wealth that is said to unlock the enigmas of reincarnation, and it was stolen. Ironically, the cost of the hoarded wealth is valued in human lives.

"The Reincarnationist" is superbly written. It is fresh and compelling, originative and intellectual. This novel is a delicious premix of psychological thriller, suspense, and paranormal, and the authorship is mesmerizing in its ain right. With a secret plan that flowings around the human race and through a millennium of time, the exhilaration doesn't halt until the book is reluctantly closed and completed. With edification and class, M.J. Rose offers a novel to be remembered.

The Reincarnationist

by M.J. Rose

ISBN-10: 0778324206

Review by Heather Froeschl

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