Thursday, September 13, 2007

Positive Assertions - Focus Your Intentions

Affirmations have got a enormous influence on our day-to-day life experience. A wise psyche said, "Your Thoughts Make Your Destiny". We act upon our lives by focusing our thoughts. Why not concentrate on the positive? If you're working on something, and most of us are, you can drill purpose with a day-to-day reminder. Focus your intent.

If you desire more than peace in your life, focusing on being peaceful. If you desire more than joyousness in your life, focusing on joy, gratitude, love, laughter. We pull those feel-good feelings into our lives when we concentrate on the great good encompassing us.

The India rubber set around the carpus is an age old reminder. Wearing your purposes have been around for some time. I take it to an fine art form, by creating powerful words and purposes on watchbands and pendants. I have on a Ag watchband that states "Love-Joy-Laughter-Abundance". I 'see' my purposes daily, reminding me to have got got unwavering religion and focusing on the positive qualities I wish to have more than of in my life. It isn't about what we don't want, but about what we desire more than of. If you have got watched or read 'The Secret', you cognize what I'm talking about.

Positive Assertions ( is about just that idea.... choosing to centre our consciousness on constructive and hopeful declarations. Wear your inspiration with word jewelry- avowal watchbands and avowal pendants. Assert yourself positively! Whatever it is you are wishing to convey more than of into your life, focusing your purposes on a wearable reminder, and see the lucidity of your purposes unfold.

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