Monday, November 19, 2007

Our Journey Through Life Is Seldom Smooth

What was prophesied two twelvemonth previously was now all beginning to come up true. If the oracle is for existent the word he presents will come up to fruition and fulfillment.

In Acts Of The Apostles Chapter 27 we have got a elaborate business relationship of this dramatic sea narrative which is so accurate in so many assorted ways. This adult male of God's life is rescued clip and clip again - and usually by the Romans - so that he could fulfil his missionary post for Jesus Of Nazareth Jesus in Roma - and - so that we can have this dependable and reliable Word.

If Supreme Being have promised to acquire you someplace, He will acquire you there, perhaps through courts and prison house cells and storms. "Through many dangers" the song says.

If you are put on going where Supreme Being desires you to be, you will arrive. It is not always a smooth journey, but He assures to be with us as we travel, and He will convey us out of the violent storms and dangers and troubles, if we are prepared to travel through them.

Take clip to read the record of this Mediterranean Sea sail written up by a medical doctor.

The soldiers and captives came ashore on pieces of the dust from the ship which had broken up - but all arrived safely. This transition can almost go forth you breathless!

It have been a ambitious and unsafe voyage. See for a minute what Alice Paul have been through since Agabus prophesied in Caesarea some two old age previously. Trouble - apprehension - imprisonment in Capital Of Israel - menaces upon his life - that midnight journeying down to Caesarea - where he faced two trials and was left languishing in prison house for two years. And now, this ferocious storm, with his life under menace again, not from the weather, but from soldiers.

Through all this he stays in the Centre of the volition of God, and when necessary, Jesus Of Nazareth was prepared to step in and curate directly, or direct an angel with a cheering reassuring word.

This is a transition which can be questioned - challenged - investigated - checked and examined in assorted ways - and there are no disagreements whatsoever. We can accept and trust God's Word in every aspect. There are no myths or fables here, and it is not a geographics lesson. It is portion of God's Word.

It uncovers some not very nice truths about work force - rejecting what Alice Paul had said - greed - grabbing the slightest opportunity - grain and net income - ego first, even when there danger of other people losing their lives arises.

It uncovers marvellous truths about Supreme Being and His Word. It uncovers truths about God's Man, and he is so different from all the others in the Chapter.

There are things which I can make which Supreme Being cannot do. I can allow down people and allow people down.

God will never never let down you nor let you down. Over the coevals work force have got discovered Him to be absolutely faithful. As He have been, so He will for ever be. Let that reassure and comfortableness and beef up you as you seek to function faithfully and witnesser and minister.

Sandy Shaw

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