Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Now, I Know My Life Had a Purpose

I cognize I wrote of this in another recent station (and NO, I make not have got a slow word form of dementia, give thanks you!) You cognize how some parts of a conversation come up back to you? You were listening but the really of import point essentially 'snagged' itself cognitively...for digestion later. I was talking to my Father on October 16th, I had not talked to him practically all summertime and really...all my life, not like that day.

I had not spoke with my Father all summertime because I was 'birthing' my book. Did I advert my extroverted book? It is: 'Notes From the Mothership The Bare Invisibles' owed out December 2007. I called my Father to finally check up on on him after speech production with one of my blood brothers (I would acquire updates on how he was doing throughout the summer!) My Father had this to state about me and the book, "Now, I cognize my life had a purpose!" I was amazed when I thought of those words in retrospect. He seriously meant that! I am the oldest of nine children of Joe Louis and Mable. My Mother died from breast malignant neoplastic disease in 1989. And my Father, a survivor, an inventor, and a visionary, stated that my achievements have got given his life purpose. I am blessed.

My Father is Joe Louis Samuels. He was born in Albany, Empire State Of The South in 1933 on a 330 acre pecan farm which my great Grandparents and his Mother and Father and a small town of drawn-out household sharecropped on. As he reminisced he talked of the plenty of food, and everything that he and the households consumed was raised direct from the dirt and the animate beings on the farm. There was always plentifulness of food, the creature comforts of familial bonding, and of course of study plenty of work.

Presently, my Father is sinking slowly, very slowly into a mild word form of dementia. He buries or maybe there is not much he desires to remember. Yet, his memory for 'those days' is like it happened yesterday. He talked of the clip when the Nipponese bombed Pearl Seaport and all the Black work force on the farm and the encompassing farms heeded the military phone call to action. He recalled with a blunt poignance how farm male children and work force lined up to enlist for the military in bare feet. You see, many of the farm male children and work force were mainly sharecroppers, and had NO shoes, except one pair, their 'Sunday best' place which were brogans! My Father said there were lines and lines of Black men, standing in the hot Empire State Of The South sun,waiting and willing to function this state in their bare feet and farm clothing. It did not substance that unconscionable atrociousnesses of racism (lynchings, blunt injustice, they could not vote, and Jim Crowism) were worlds that these work force and my Father (as a immature boy) lived with and under in 'that' America. Those work force chose to support and believe in even that America!

What my Father said of his growth up in an United States where HE could not vote for a clip period of time, where HE could not imbibe from any H2O fountain he pleased, or travel wherever HE wanted to travel as an American is this, he desires to see a great Black President in his lifetime! My Father believes in the greatness of Obama. Without vacillation he is voting for Obama. My Father a wise adult male told me that there is NO manner any Black individual in his coevals would not vote for Obama.

I advert all this because this is truly the demographic that volition support Mr.Obama to no end. These aged Black folks, the subsisters of an United States that no 1 in their right head can ever conceive of are the unheralded (?) well of support and love for the promise of United States and America's future. I did not recognize this fact fully until I listened to the narratives of my father, one of many subsisters of the recent past times of Jim Crow,lynchings, and stomped out human and civil rights. As his memory softens many spots deferred hurting leak out. Right now I am thankful that I am listening.

I believe this narrative is one that we as protagonists of Obama can take inspiration from. My Father from that sharecropping farm in rural Albany, Empire State Of The South is one of Obama's strongest and staunchest supporters. We are winners!

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