Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Book Review - Coyote Jack, by Jack Lyndon Thomas

An Important, Relevant Memoir of a Viet Nam Veteran

"Coyote Jack" written by Jack Lyndon Seth Thomas demoes an astonishing penetration into a man's soul. Seth Thomas grew up in an epoch of dramatic alteration in values, regard for authority, and a redefining of patriotism. Seth Thomas have shown a sensitivity, and apprehension of human needs, emotional, mental, and physical. This book talks for one thousands of work force who served their state valiantly in a cause of questionable ideals.

The writer have made himself vulnerable, as he related the complex issues of his ain personal find by paralleling his experiences in Viet Nam with reconciling his ain personal hunt for satisfaction and originative expression.

Thomas described exploring and embracing the civilization of Viet Nam, of trying to understand the politics, and faith of the country, and of his grasp for the natural characteristics of the landscape and the topography of the countryside. He described in words of poetic beauty the peasantry that inhabited the rural areas.

The writer went on to depict the ineffectual leadership, the ill-defined goals and aims of the country's leaders. He told of the internal struggle he felt in the thick of the external struggle being experienced all around. This was often traced back to the deficiency of solid support and executing of the politicians and the adult male on the street in the United States.

I particularly enjoyed the profound verse forms and statements that introduced each chapter. Part two of the book with Maps and beautiful colored photos awakened all my senses to the culture, the country, and the people who impacted the life of immature Jack Lyndon Seth Seth Thomas through his Viet Nam experience.

Thomas is a gifted, creative, and articulate. This is a singular business relationship of a time period of United States History that demands to be revisited and understood. "Coyote Jack" is a book for every veteran, for every military man and women currently serving our country, and for everyone in a place of leadership, influencing determinations being made in planning our country's current military strategy.

As reviewed for Middle West Book Review

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